2021 is a big year for singer/songwriters around the world, but if there’s one that I would recommend listening to above the others in her scene at the moment, it would definitely be Laura Sumner. ” - Jennifer Munoz

Vents Magazine

If you weren’t sure about her authenticity as a player before hearing [American Man], what she does behind the microphone is so stunningly intriguing that it’s bound to make a believer out of you, if not someone who would go out of their way to see her perform live on the next possible occasion.” - Chadwick Easton

Melody Maker

Sumner’s single ‘American Man’ has the feel of a classic heartland rock ballad but with a touch of post-hipster modernity that plants its soul firmly in the here and now.” - Michael Stover

Music Existence

American Man has a rhythm that sounds like it’s in the wheelhouse of Springsteen, Tom Petty and maybe even Bob Dylan...You can also tell that she cut her live performance teeth in cafes and coffeehouses – it’s about the music, it’s about stripping the song down and getting right to the heart of the story. ” - Garth Thomas

The Hollywood Digest